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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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Truck Simulator is an odd juxtaposition, or maybe superimposition, of boring and addictive. At its worst these games are tedious and interminable but what they do best, other than demonstrate how hard it is to back up an 18-wheeler into a parking space or turn one on a dime, is to teach a sort of martial arts of meditative awareness.

Truck Simulator Third-Party Resources

Truck Simulator Keyboard Shortcuts

Air HornN (press & hold)
Axle Lift/DropU
Beacon On/OffO
Cruise Control On/OffC
Dashboard Cycle Display ModesI
Differential LockV
Engine BrakeB (press & hold)
Engine On/OffE
Gear Shift DownCtrl
Gear Shift UpShift
Hazard Lights On/OffF
Highbeam Headlights On/OffK
HornH (press & hold)
Lights Cycle ModesL
Light (Visible) HornJ (press & hold)
Look Forward and Left (from Inside Cab)Num7
Look Forward and Right (from Inside Cab)Num9
Look Forward (from Inside Cab)Num8
Look Left (from Inside Cab)Num4
Look Right (from Inside Cab)Num6
Move Backward or Apply BrakesDown Arrow or S
Move ForwardUp Arrow or W
Parking Brake Engage/DisengageSpace Bar
PauseF1 or Pause Key
Reset View (from Inside Cab)Num5 or 1
Retarder Decrease' (apostrophe)
Retarder Increase; (semicolon)
Rotate View Left (from Inside Cab)Num/
Rotate View Right (from Inside Cab)Num*
Rotate Wheels LeftLeft Arrow or A
Rotate Wheels to the RightRight Arrow or D
Route Advisor Call Assistance CenterF7->Enter
Route Advisor Cancel Current JobF6->Enter
Route Advisor Cycle Navigation ModesF5
Route Advisor Show Current Job DetailsF6
Route Advisor Show Diagnostics PageF7
Toggle Route Advisor ModesF3
Toggle Side Mirrors Right/Both/Left/NoneF2
Turn Left Signal On/Off[
Turn Right Signal On/Off]
View Cinematically8
View Cycle9
View Forward from Atop Rear2
View from Atop Hood4
View from Front Bumper6
View Left Rear5
View On Left Wheel & Forward7
View Top Down3
Windshield Wipers Cycle ModesP
Windshield Wipers Engage/DisengageP

Truck Simulator in the Media

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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