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Monday, May 17, 2010

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Lockheed Martin is one of a few companies that purchased the rights to fork (revise) and sell Microsoft Flight Simulator as their own product.

It seems very important to Lockheed Martin to have it understood that Prepar3D is most certainly not a game as they point this out three times on their website.

Prepar3D Official Resources

Prepar3D Third-Party Resources

Prepar3D Keyboard Shortcuts

Autopilot Altitude Hold Mode On/OffCtrl-Z
Autopilot Altitude SelectorCtrl-Shift-Z
Autopilot Heading Hold Mode On/OffCtrl-H
Autopilot Heading SelectorCtrl-Shift-H
Autopilot Master Switch On/OffZ
Bank LeftNum4 or Left Arrow
Bank RightNum6 or Right Arrow
BrakesPress and Hold . (period)
Engine Autostart SequenceCtrl-E
Landing Gear Extend/RetractG
Master Battery/AlternatorShift-M
Menu Bar Show/HideAlt
Mixture CutoffCtrl-Shift-F1
Mixture DecreaseCtrl-Shift-F2
Mixture IncreaseCtrl-Shift-F3
Mixture MaxCtrl-Shift-F4
Parking Brake Engage/DisengageCtrl-. (period)
Pitch DownNum8 or Up Arrow
Pitch UpNum2 or Down Arrow
Propeller RPM DecreaseCtrl-F2
Propeller RPM IncreaseCtrl-F3
Propeller RPM MaxCtrl-F4
Propeller RPM MinCtrl-F1
Pushback Activate/DeactivateShift-P
Quit ImmediatelyCtrl-C
Reset Current FlightCtrl-;
Save Flight;
Select OBS IndicatorShift-V
Throttle DownNum3, F2 or PageDown
Throttle MaxF4
Throttle MinF1
Throttle UpNum9, F3 or PageUp
View Modes CycleS
View Modes Cycle ReverseShift-S
View Sub-Modes CycleA
View Sub-Modes Cycle ReverseShift-A
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move BackwardCtrl-Enter
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move DownShift-Backspace
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move ForwardCtrl-Backspace
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move LeftCtrl-Shift-Backspace
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move RightCtrl-Shift-Enter
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move UpShift-Enter
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Reset PositionCtrl-Space Bar
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate DownShift-Num2
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate Down and LeftShift-Num1
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate Down and RightShift-Num3
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate LeftShift-Num4
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate RightShift-Num6
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate UpShift-Num8
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate Up and LeftShift-Num7
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate Up and RightShift-Num9
Zoom In=
Zoom Out- (minus sign)
Zoom ResetBackspace

Prepar3D in the Media

Prepar3D Logo

Prepar3D Videos

YouTube’s “Prepar3D Trailer | V4” video

YouTube’s “Prepar3D v3 – Immersive Training and Simulation Platform” video

YouTube’s “FSElite: Flight Sim Expo 2018 – Lockheed Martin interview” video

YouTube’s “The Impossible Landing – P3D v4” video