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Monday, October 16, 2006

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Dovetail Games owns the modern-day spiritual successor to a flight simulator that goes all the back to the 1970s. While they have released MSFSXSE with only minor under-the-hood performance tweaks and bug fixes, they are suggesting a more substantial new version in late 2015.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: SE Official Resources

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: SE Third-Party Resources

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: SE Keyboard Shortcuts

ADF Ident On/OffCtrl-5
Ailerons and Rudder CenterNum5
Aileron Trim LeftCtrl-Num4
Aileron Trim RightCtrl-Num6
Aircraft Labels Show/HideCtrl-Shift-L
ATC Menu Show/Hide`
Autopilot Flight Director On/OffCtrl-F
Autopilot Master Switch On/OffZ
Autopilot Wing Leveler On/OffCtrl-V
Autopilot Yaw Damper On/OffCtrl-D
Bank LeftNum4 or Left Arrow
Bank RightNum6 or Right Arrow
Brakes LeftNum-
Brakes RightNum+
Carb HeatH
Coordinates/Framerate CycleShift-Z
Cowl Flaps Incrementally CloseCtrl-Shift-C
Cowl Flaps Incrementally OpenCtrl-Shift-V
DME Ident On/OffCtrl-4
Doors Open/CloseShift-E
Drop ObjectsShift-D
Elevator Trim DownNum7
Elevator Trim UpNum1
End FlightESC
Engine Autostart SequenceCtrl-E
Flaps Fully ExtendF8
Flaps Fully RetractF5
Flaps Incrementally ExtendF7
Flaps Incrementally RetractF6
Flying Tips On/OffCtrl-Shift-X
Fuel DumpCtrl-Shift-G
Full Screen ModeAlt-Enter
Helicopter Rotor BrakeShift-B
Helicopter Rotor ClutchShift-.
Helicopter Rotor GovernorShift-,
Jetway Attach/UnattachCtrl-J
Joystick On/OffCtrl-K
Kneeboard Show/HideShift-F10
Landing Gear Extend/RetractG
Lights Landing On/OffCtrl-L
Lights Landing Tilt CenterCtrl-Shift-Num5
Lights Landing Tilt DownCtrl-Shift-Num2
Lights Landing Tilt LeftCtrl-Shift-Num4
Lights Landing Tilt RightCtrl-Shift-Num6
Lights Landing Tilt UpCtrl-Shift-Num8
Lights On/OffL
Lights Panel On/OffShift-L
Lights Strobe On/OffO
Master Battery/AlternatorShift-M
Menu Bar Show/HideAlt
Mixture CutoffCtrl-Shift-F1
Mixture DecreaseCtrl-Shift-F2
Mixture IncreaseCtrl-Shift-F3
Mixture MaxCtrl-Shift-F4
MKR Ident On/OffCtrl-3
Parking Brake Engage/DisengageCtrl-. (period)
Pitch DownNum8 or Up Arrow
Pitch UpNum2 or Down Arrow
Pitot Heat On/OffShift-H
Propeller RPM DecreaseCtrl-F2
Propeller RPM IncreaseCtrl-F3
Propeller RPM MaxCtrl-F4
Propeller RPM MinCtrl-F1
Pushback Activate/DeactivateShift-P
Quit ImmediatelyCtrl-Break
Radio Stack Show/HideShift-2
Request Fuel TruckShift-F
Request Tow PlaneCtrl-Shift-Y
Reset Current FlightCtrl-;
Reverse ThrustNum3 or F2
Rudder Trim LeftCtrl-Num0
Rudder Trim RightCtrl-NumEnter
Save Flight;
Select ADFCtrl-Shift-A
Select All EnginesE->1->2->3->4
Select COM1 MajorC
Select COM1 MinorC->C
Select COM2 MajorC->2
Select COM2 MinorC->C->2
Select DMEF
Select Engine 1E->1
Select Engine 2E->2
Select Engine 3E->3
Select Engine 4E->4
Selection Decrease-
Selection Decrease SlightlyShift--
Selection Increase=
Selection Increase SlightlyShift-=
Select Jet StarterJ
Select MagnetosM
Select NAV1 MajorN
Select NAV1 MinorN->N
Select NAV2 MajorN->2
Select NAV2 MinorN->N->2
Select OBS IndicatorShift-V
Select Time RateR
Select Transponder Digit 1T
Select Transponder Digit 2T->T
Select Transponder Digit 3T->T->T
Select Transponder Digit 4T->T->T->T
Smoke SystemI
Sound On/OffQ
Spoilers Arm/DisarmShift-/
Spoilers Engage/Disengage/
Swap Active/Standby Freqs.X
Tail Wheel Lock/UnlockShift-G
Take ScreenshotF12
Throttle DownNum3, F2 or PageDown
Throttle MaxF4
Throttle MinF1
Throttle UpNum9, F3 or PageUp
Tow Rope ReleaseShift-Y
View Modes CycleS
View Modes Cycle ReverseShift-S
View Sub-Modes CycleA
View Sub-Modes Cycle ReverseShift-A
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move BackwardCtrl-Enter
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move DownShift-Backspace
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move ForwardCtrl-Backspace
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move LeftCtrl-Shift-Backspace
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move RightCtrl-Shift-Enter
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Move UpShift-Enter
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Reset PositionCtrl-Space Bar
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate DownShift-Num2
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate Down and LeftShift-Num1
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate Down and RightShift-Num3
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate LeftShift-Num4
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate RightShift-Num6
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate UpShift-Num8
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate Up and LeftShift-Num7
Virtual Cockpit Eyepiece Rotate Up and RightShift-Num9
VOR 1 Ident On/OffCtrl-1
VOR 2 Ident On/OffCtrl-2
Water Rudder Extend/RetractCtrl-W
Yaw LeftNum0
Yaw RightNumEnter
Zoom In=
Zoom Out- (minus sign)
Zoom ResetBackspace

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