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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Home Is Where One Starts… is a nonlinear vignette-style story about a teenage girl and her aspirations. Presented in the first-person you start out on the roadside after having missed the bus.

Sparse narration gets triggered by crossing various thresholds, like the one into the trailer home in which you, the main (and only) character, live. There really isn’t a whole lot to spoil here. In spite of her brief and few comments, they nevertheless pretty much sum up this vignette, the rest consists of exploration of the various rooms of the trailer, which quite effectively, if not a little on-the-nose at times, adds nuance and flavor to her less than three or so lines on narration.

Creator David Wehle does a great job at making nearly every frame of the depiction of the golden mid- to late-autumn morning outside of the narrator’s home postcard-perfect. While a lot can be said for leaving your audience wanting more, here’s hoping the ambitions of Wehle’s projects get a little larger.

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Move BackwardDown Arrow or S
Move ForwardUp Arrow or W
Show/Hide Game MenuESC
Strafe LeftLeft Arrow or A
Strafe RightRight Arrow or D
Toggle Invert MouseI
Toggle SubtitlesV

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