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When you type a query in the search box our algorithm determines which games to return by looking for the search query in the title, slogan, and tags, returning matches to any of those fields.

Every effort has been made to avoid cynically-run games meant to callously bilk people out of lots of money. To that end we really try to avoid carbon copied so-called 'freemium' games that end up costing a lot more than that of those created by people more dedicated to the art and science of crafting quality video games.

Our database of games is geared more toward the serious, hardcore gamer. The best gaming experience tends to be on personal computers (PCs) which more often than not are more capable at fast number crunching and graphics processing than gaming consoles and mobile devices. While we do feature some casual games, most video games featured here cater to the gamer willing to climb a steep learning curve rather than those just dipping their toes in the video game wading pool.