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Thursday, July 17, 1997

Open Source








FlightGear is the biggest and best open general purpose civilian flight simulator. It seems unlikely there would ever be a duplication of efforts in this particular piece of software. FlightGear has a thriving community of users and developers committed enough to put out an update quarterly and on schedule.

FlightGear doesn’t have everything nor have it done quite as well as MSFSX which is still going pretty strong after ten years albeit modernized with many addons (the product being from Microsoft making the fact doubly noteworthy), however, in the various areas in which FGFS is deficient its volunteer developers are catching up.

FGFS was an idea David Murr came up with in 1996.

FlightGear Official Resources

FlightGear Third-Party Resources

FlightGear Keyboard Shortcuts

Bank LeftNum4 or Left Arrow
Bank RightNum6 or Right Arrow
BrakesPress and Hold Lowercase b
Brakes LeftPress and Hold , (comma)
Brakes RightPress and Hold . (period)
Display/Hide Instrument PanelUppercase P
Elevator Trim DownNum7
Elevator Trim UpNum1
Engine(s) Starter SwitchLowercase s
Indicate Clickable AreasCtrl-C
Landing Gear ExtendUppercase G
Landing Gear RetractLowercase g
Look BackShift-Num2
Look Back & LeftShift-Num1
Look Back & RightShift-Num3
Look ForwardShift-Num8
Look Forward & LeftShift-Num7
Look Forward & RightShift-Num9
Look LeftShift-Num4
Look RightShift-Num6
Mixture EnrichLowercase m
Mixture LeanUppercase M
Parking Brake Engage/DisengageUppercase B
PauseLowercase p
Pitch DownNum8 or Up Arrow
Pitch UpNum2 or Down Arrow
Restart FlightShift-ESC
Select All Engines~ (tilde)
Select Engine 1!
Select Engine 2@
Select Engine 3#
Select Engine 4$
Show/Hide CockpitLowercase c
Show/Hide Menu BarF10
Show Internals/
Show Radio StackF12
Take ScreenshotF3
Throttle DownNum3 or PageDown
Throttle UpNum9 or PageUp
View Modes CycleLowercase v
View Modes Cycle ReverseShift-V
View Modes ResetCtrl-V
Visibility DecreaseUppercase Z
Visibility IncreaseLowercase z
Visibility ResetCtrl-Z
Yaw LeftNumEnter
Yaw RightNum0
Zoom InLowercase x
Zoom OutUppercase X
Zoom ResetCtrl-X

FlightGear in the Media