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Tuesday, May 6, 2003

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Eve Online takes place in the fictional galaxy of New Eden. You can pick a combination of many professional paths including mining, trade, manufacturing, fighting and exploration. New Eden has many player-run corporations you can join or you can go it alone.

One of the dozens of really cool features of Eve is how the player is not forced into a single career path for the lifetime of their character. In fact, the world is set up to encourage players to pursue multiple paths to fortune and advanced ability.

Another great feature of Eve is the system with which players skill up, which evens the playfield for casual versus hardcore players. In a nutshell, training a skill strengthens or unlocks certain abilities after a specified amount of time. A skill has 5 levels. Let’s say we’re training the ‘Sharpshooting’ skill. Each skill level takes more time than the previous skill level, and no matter what the player does, even if they’re logged out(!), the skill level will take the specified amount of time to complete.

So the Sharpshooting might take 15 minutes for its first level to complete, 45 minutes for the second level, and perhaps three hours, a day, and a week for each succeeding three levels, and as those levels unlock the probability that the Sharpshooting skill affects will be calculated more to the player’s benefit. Most likely, in this case, making it more probably that firing a weapon would result in a hit.

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Enable/Disable AutopilotAlt-S
Show/Hide Character SheetAlt-A
Show/Hide Game MenuESC
Show/Hide InventoryAlt-C
Show/Hide MailAlt-I
Show/Hide People & PlacesAlt-E
Show/Hide WalletAlt-W

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