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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Elite: Dangerous is a futuristic, space-based massively multiplayer online game by David Braben set in an accurate reproduction of the Milky Way with over 400 billion stars, 150 thousand of which, according to the website, exist in reality. While gameplay revolves around exploration, trade, and combat, your life in the game is largely unstructured.

Elite: Dangerous is criticized for having what many consider to have been way too premature of a launch in a rush to release on the thirtieth year after the original game's release in 1984. Other problems include a lot of bugs and glitches, cookie-cuter missions, and lack of multiplayer capabilities that are standard in modern MMOGs.

A big issue for new players is the dearth of cogent documentation. The official manual, while dense with information, isn't really helpful to those needing to know where to begin and what a day in the life of a player is like. For one example, the reality is often learned the hard way that a player's ship will get damaged just from what seems like a light tap against another object.

Players often feel thrown in the deep end when they start playing this game, cobbling together official documentation with sometimes sketchy third-party tutorials to get an idea of what playing Elite: Dangerous is like. However, no tutorial has been able to communicate the finer points of faster-than-light travel as it takes some skill to not overshoot your destination, refuel "for free" from a sun, or land on a pad in a rotating space station.

Unlike EVE Online, in Elite: Dangerous the player must do a lot more micromanagement of their spaceship as there are no push-button means of navigation and there is no autopilot. While this affords a greater sense of piloting the craft, many necessary maneuvers like docking and parking at a space station can be quite challenging.

Elite: Dangerous was clearly not ready for prime time when it officially went 1.0 on December 16, 2014 and may not be for some time. Despite its issues a running theme through the reviews is that this game has done more than any other to make the player feel that they experience a realistic simulation of spaceflight.

Despite its problems, Elite: Dangerous was much anticipated before its release. David Braben is considered a genius by many for maximizing the limited computational resources available to bring unprecedented dynamicity to the original Elite game back in the early 1980s. Many familiar with video games think both its current strengths and vast future potential far outweigh its shortcomings.

Braben has likened the development of Elite: Dangerous to the construction of a house. Now the house is built and the task remains to fill it with furniture and otherwise make it a home. By all accounts it is expected the Elite: Dangerous of a few years after its launch should be an improvement by magnitudes, nearly unrecognizable when compared to its initial 1.0 release.

Elite: Dangerous Official Resources

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Elite: Dangerous Tools

Elite: Dangerous Keyboard Shortcuts

Bank Left,
Bank Right.
Center Radar3
Display/Hide Comm Panel2
Display/Hide Left Panel1
Display/Hide Right Panel4
Distribute Power EvenlyDown Arrow
Divert Power to EnginesUp Arrow
Divert Power to SystemsLeft Arrow
Divert Power to WeaponsRight Arrow
Enable/Disable WeaponsU
Fire Primary Weapon(s)A
Interface Mode: Tab BackwardHome
Interface Mode: Tab ForwardEnd
Jettison CargoEnd
Landing Gear Extend/RetractInsert
Pitch DownS
Pitch UpX
Target AheadT
Throttle Down/ or LeftShift
Throttle UpSpace
Toggle Silence SpaceshipR

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Scott Manley visits Sol, the home solar system of humankind

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Video of player destroying dozens of spaceships