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Friday, May 29, 2015

Open Source







Description is different from other games and simulations where you drive a car. Every simulation is merely that, an approximation of the real thing. The makers of have created an approximation of driving that could only have been dreamt of a few short years ago. Their informational blurb on Steam touts that "their soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time, resulting in realistic, dynamic behavior."

In you can make some dramatic and sometimes hilarious changes to the environment. With a click you can change the strength of gravity to Mars, the Moon, Jupiter, or even the Sun, or use a slider to get gravity to any arbitrary setting. It can be funny to watch your vehicle collapse under it's own weight as you set the gravity to the strength of the Sun.

As cool as is at this early stage, I am excited to see how this driving simulator will mature. is to automobiles what Microsoft Flight Simulator is to airplanes. Official Resources Third-Party Resources Keyboard Shortcuts

BreaksDown Arrow
Camera Reset PositionNum5
Camera View Rotate DownNum2
Camera View Rotate LeftNum4
Camera View Rotate OppositeNum1
Camera View Rotate RightNum6
Camera View Rotate UpNum8
Camera View Zoom InNum9
Camera View Zoom OutNum3
Engage/Disengage Parking BreaksP
Headlights/High Beams ToggleN
Open/Close TailgateO
Parking BreaksSpace Bar
Retry ScenarioR
Show/Hide Game MenuESC
Steer LeftLeft Arrow
Steer RightRight Arrow
ThrottleUp Arrow Videos

YouTube's " Steam Early Access Trailer" video